"It's all about Pinstripe. As much as I like Mozilla, it's ugly without Pinstripe, and looks like a proper OSX app with it."
- A MacNN reader

Pinstripe is a Mozilla theme made to match the look and feel of a native Mac OS X interface. The theme was designed to compliment both the Aqua and graphite OS appearances. If you're using an alternate theme engine such as Duality, Pinstripe will not honor your theme prefs for the toolbars, but may render some of widgets based on your theme.


System Requirements

You must be running Mozilla 1.0 or later on Mac OS X. You must also have Javascript enabled to install Pinstripe. Note: I have no plans to port Pinstripe to Linux or Windows. Here's why.


Click here to install the Pinstripe theme.

Usage and Redistribution

This theme is subject to the Mozilla Public License Version 1.1; you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. If you plan to create a theme based on Pinstripe or want to distribute Pinstripe with your product, please email me and let me know.

Change Log


  • Made browser tabs smaller and put the tabs in front of the bottom border.
  • Popup window notification icon added
  • URL bar font size increased slightly


  • New art: Navigator icons, security icon, rounded URL bar
  • Junk mail icons implemented
  • Site icons put back on the browser tabs
  • Textured menu selection added


  • Brought Pinstripe in line with 1.2b and latest nightlies
  • New "show toolbar as" feature implemented. Check it out in Preferences under Appearance.


  • Replaced Mozilla throbber with animation based on Jaguar's "loading" twirly thing
  • Updated some icons in Mail to look more Aqua-like
  • Bumped up font-size in thread pane and folder pane slightly to match Mail.app
  • Added "create new tab" button to tab bar
  • Adjusted margins on Mail message heading text and added bottom-border
  • Gave mail header text a solid background color to make text easier to read
  • Download progress meter properly aligned
  • Prefs/Advanced Mouse Wheel pinstripe background offset corrected
  • Fixed disabled icons in Link Toolbar
  • Added threadpaneextras.css, messagekeywords.css, and folderpaneextras.css to skin


  • More preferences dialog cleanup. Changed absolute width to min-width
  • Go button border fixed
  • Mainly worked on layout of UI controls and positioning of elements to bring Pinstripe more in line with the Aqua HI Guidelines. If you see anything in the interface that doesn't look right, please let me know.
  • tabs centered
  • small versions of tabs used on tabbrowser
  • tabpanel top border on tabbrowser and bottom border in editor
  • flag icon put back in Mail
  • cropping of menulist text fixed
  • Preferences window cleanup: no controls are cut off or hidden
  • common dialog tweaked to look more like a Mac OS X dialog (this still needs work)
  • editor formatting toolbar works correctly now
  • hid toolbar separators in mail compose window after reading mpt's blog.