Pinstripe Theme for Firebird Preview 1

I’ve been working on a version of Pinstripe for Mozilla Firebird lately though it’s not fully baked. I figured I’d make this preview available to show my progress and get feedback. I’ve taken a cue from Safari on the bookmarks toolbar and have some new icon art. Go to this page to install. Please leave a comment or send me an email with your thoughts. Feel free to pick nits 🙂

Update, June 14: I’ve uploaded a new preview of Pinstripe for Firebird. Changes include more refined icons, more work on HIG friendliness, drop shadows, tweaked preferences window, etc. I’m still far from done but check it out and offer some feedback. Thanks!

MNG support removed from Mozilla

Support for the MNG file format was removed from Mozilla today. Multiple-image Network Graphics is like a GIF animation but with alpha-transparency so it can blend in with images among other neat features. Look at the image above with the loading animation blending in with the Aqua tab. This looks pretty awful when in GIF format. The thing is that there is no alternative to MNG in Mozilla, so I will have to go back to GIF animations or find some other way of doing an animated icon with alpha-transparency. Any suggestions?

Update: Please vote for Bug 18574 if you’d like to see MNG support restored to Mozilla. But please don’t use the bug for advocacy – that’s what the MozillaZine forums and your blogs are for. Thanks!