Recommend an RSS news reader

For some reason I’ve never met an aggregator that I like. I don’t like to paw through large lists of headlines and bounce between a reader and a web browser. My ultimate aggregator would help me classify by subjects, feeds, headlines and weight them based on my reading habits. Does something like this exist for Mac OS X?

I’ve noticed there are a handful of RSS reader extensions for Mozilla. Does anyone have experience with them?

Mozilla Firefox!

New Name. New Look. New Icon. The program formerly known as Phoenix and Mozilla Firebird has just released version 0.8. This version is faster and more stable than before and has more neat features than you can shake a stick at. Check the release notes. It also features the Pinstripe theme as the new default look on Mac OS X. Download it here!

Note: The Firefox UI may appear broken if you are using a previous version of the Pinstripe theme. Go into your theme preferences, select “Firefox (default)”, then close and reopen the browser to make sure you are using the latest incarnation of the Pinstripe theme.

OmniWeb 5 Beta, mini-mini review

What I like: When you control-click on a bookmark in the Favorites Bar and choose “Edit Label” from the menu, the bookmark label changes into a text box and you can edit the label right on the toolbar without having to use a dialog box. Nice.

What I don’t like: The Form Fill, Cookie, and Image status bar icons don’t simply turn on and off, they slide in and out of the right corner of the bar. I prefer that Omnweb save the animation for something that is actually intended to draw my attention.

Check out the OmniWeb 5.0 beta for yourself.