Silliness is its own reward (Updated with extra mirth!)

Looking over the selection of Firefox buttons at the new SpreadFirefox site, I was inspired to make this:

Get Fiberfox!

To the obvious question, I say: Why not? This is an audience participation blog post. Warm up your Photoshops and your MacPaints and lets see your take on the little browser that could!

UPDATE: This comes from Scott @

Get Tirefox - All season browser

He has another one on his blog. Cool stuff!

UPDATE 2: Daniel Keep sent this one through email. Thanks Daniel 🙂

Get Fiberfox!

New Mozilla Theme!

Announcing a Very Special Mozilla Theme! This theme is based on Pinstripe and follows the Aqua Human Interface Guidelines to the letter:

“In order to make toolbar icons easily distinguishable from one another, each icon should be a distinct animal. Use real-world objects (such as a moose) to facilitate quick recognition by users.”