Silliness is its own reward (Updated with extra mirth!)

Looking over the selection of Firefox buttons at the new SpreadFirefox site, I was inspired to make this:

Get Fiberfox!

To the obvious question, I say: Why not? This is an audience participation blog post. Warm up your Photoshops and your MacPaints and lets see your take on the little browser that could!

UPDATE: This comes from Scott @

Get Tirefox - All season browser

He has another one on his blog. Cool stuff!

UPDATE 2: Daniel Keep sent this one through email. Thanks Daniel 🙂

Get Fiberfox!

33 thoughts on “Silliness is its own reward (Updated with extra mirth!)”

  1. Now I’m hungry 😉
    Looks verry good, but remembers a bit the subsilver-theme for phpBb2. Don’t really know why, but it’s a thing in my mind…

  2. Hey, cool! Who do have covered so far? Health freaks, gearheads, horror fans, college students, democrats, alcoholics, sick children, vagabonds, carpenters, geeks, rednecks, and bikers.

    Rock ON.

  3. Uh, d00d! Those are Ford’s & Chevy’s trademarks. That’s not acceptable. I am going to make a Calvin peeing on you button!

    *light bulb*

    No, Calvin peeing on…(wait for it)…IE!

    idea ™Spewey as of now (unless someone does it while I sleep.)

  4. /MonsterTruck not happy with stupid trademark laws. 🙁

    Regardless of that, I’ll continue to make these buttons. 😛

    So, for BMW fans, your favorite button has arrived:

    ATI graphics:

    nVidia graphics:



    Hehe, that’s it for now (hey, I need to sleep too, I’m human, not a software bot 😉 . I hope everyone enjoyed these wild and crazy buttons. See ya’ll later…..

  5. The Browser, Transmogrified.

    Sure, we have these, but I want something snappier. So I made these.

    Update: I am not alone! My fellow amateur humorists have made more of these lighthearted FireFox buttons. FIberfox is…

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