Firefox browser UI artwork released

Designer Stephen Horlander and I are pleased to announce the availability of the toolbar and UI artwork seen in Firefox on Windows and Mac OS X.

Winstripe has been the default theme on the Windows version of Firefox for over two years. Man, how time flies. To explain the odd name, the Pinstripe project started in 2001 as an attempt to make the appearance of the Mozilla Suite fit in with the Mac OS X desktop. Icon designer Stephen Horlander joined the project and took the icon artwork to a new level of usability and polish. The Windows version of Pinstripe, dubbed “Winstripe”, became the default look on the Windows version of Firefox 0.9.

I’d like to see you take the artwork and remix it, mash it up with your own projects, use the artwork as the basis for your own Firefox themes. If you’re not familiar with Firefox themeing, start with the documentation at the Mozilla Dev Center. There’s an active community over at the Mozillazine Themes forum that’ll help you get up to speed. If creating a theme for Firefox looks daunting but you have a great idea, create a mockup of your idea and share it on the Themes forum. You might find people to help you turn your idea into a real theme. Enjoy!

Download Details

The artwork source zips contain Illustrator and Photoshop files. The majority of the icons were created by Stephen Horlander with contributions by Kevin Gerich. You can use, modify and distribute them under the Mozilla tri-license.

Pinstripe Browser Art (3.6MB)

Winstripe Browser Art (5.9MB)

14 thoughts on “Firefox browser UI artwork released”

  1. Nice… but both links points to the same file, rename the pointed file to pinstripe* instead winstripe* to download the other until it is fixed.

  2. I was also curious about this post, since there is still a “visual refresh” planned before the Firefox 2.0 release. I guess this means the refresh won’t take the form of theme changes?

  3. David Naylor, I guess you mean Bon Echo Beta 1. It’s not final and the visual refresh is yet to come.

  4. Finally! Let’s hope this heralds a policy of releasing this sort of thing earlier! It’ll make it a lot easier to make browser extensions that fit in visually with the rest of the browser.

  5. Thanks for doing this (or making it happen, or whatever excatly…). Getting some appropriately-licensed Aqua/Aqua-like iconography out there will be a big help for smaller open-source projects (without budgets or resident designers) trying to better fit in visually on Mac OS X.

  6. Nice work. Firefox’ (default) GUI will stay/get more appealing than IE’s, while interestingly and at almost the same time, IE 7 becomes much more horrible to use (yeah, that clutter story…).

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