Pinstripe for Mozilla 1.5+

Finally. Here’s a version of Pinstripe for the Mozilla suite. I’m not done yet but I thought I’d share what I have so far. The status bar icons need some work. I didn’t touch the Composer or Chatzilla components so they still have a partially Classic look. Click here to install. Mac OS X only please.

This should work with any version of the Mozilla suite back to 1.5, but I have only tested so far with the latest 1.7rc. If you want to know what the theme looks like, check out the Firefox gallery and Thunderbird screen shots. I welcome your questions, comments, criticism, and abuse 🙂

Thunderbird 0.6! Screenshots inside!

The 0.6 version of Thunderbird, the open source email and news reader from, was released today. This is the first release to feature the Pinstripe theme and Jon Hicks’ spiffy new icon art. Mac users will also appreciate the new mail notification badge in the dock. Try it out! Keep in mind that this is beta software, but it has come a long way since the last release.

Here are some screenshots:

Main Window, classic view
Main Window, vertical view
Message window
Compose window
Junk Mail controls
Preferences window