Thunderbird 0.6! Screenshots inside!

The 0.6 version of Thunderbird, the open source email and news reader from, was released today. This is the first release to feature the Pinstripe theme and Jon Hicks’ spiffy new icon art. Mac users will also appreciate the new mail notification badge in the dock. Try it out! Keep in mind that this is beta software, but it has come a long way since the last release.

Here are some screenshots:

Main Window, classic view
Main Window, vertical view
Message window
Compose window
Junk Mail controls
Preferences window

8 thoughts on “Thunderbird 0.6! Screenshots inside!”

  1. I’m using the vertical view all the time now. Superb job on the pinstripe theme – its even better than Firefox!

  2. Thanks Jon. One of the things Stephen and I found when we dove into the Thunderbird theme is that there are a lot more bits. Firefox’s interface is simple by comparison. We were both kind of burnt out on the icons after going back and forth on them for months.

  3. I can imagine, it looks like a huge undertaking. Anyway, you can be content that you chaps got it absolutely right!

  4. Any update on providing icons for the offline folder selection dialog? I have to switch to an alternative theme to see what I have selected for offline sync, which is a bit of a bore…

  5. I really like the TB pinstripe theme, and how you built it to be flexible with theme changes (e.g., Shapeshifter). The ONLY thing I wish the theme had was the lines connecting e-mails in a thread. Is there any easy way to add that (maybe via userchrome.css)? Thanks!

  6. Nearly two months and nothing on the thread lines? Does ANYONE know how to make those lines appear in TB pinstripe? Some users at Mozillazine suggested some userchrome modifications but those did nothing. Thanks again…

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