New Mozilla Theme!

Announcing a Very Special Mozilla Theme! This theme is based on Pinstripe and follows the Aqua Human Interface Guidelines to the letter:

“In order to make toolbar icons easily distinguishable from one another, each icon should be a distinct animal. Use real-world objects (such as a moose) to facilitate quick recognition by users.”


6 thoughts on “New Mozilla Theme!”

  1. i realize this was done as an april’s joke, but i really like the design with farm animals. i’d use it as my theme any day. why not release it???

  2. LJ Hax0r

    For those among us who may be writing books on blogging hacks or who just use LiveJournal take a look at these two posts and nota bene. Plus my favourite April Fools joke of all. A Mozilla theme that follows the Aqua HIG. Class-A….

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