Pinstripe Thunderbird: First Look

The Pinstripe Theme is coming soon to Thunderbird (Mac only of course)! Stephen Horlander has created some amazing icons. You’re gonna love it 🙂 Watch this blog for details.

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  1. My understanding is that Pinstripe uses nsTheme to get to some kind of special API within OSX to give a more genuine aqua look.

  2. I am so happy about this theme. I’m using Thunderbird on my XP machine but it just doesn’t look OSX enough to use on my iBook. This theme is great because I’m getting tired of the how oversimplified Mail is.

  3. Wow, this theme makes the default TB theme look sick. The cartoony look is one thing that has kept me from using TB full time. But this pinstripe theme looks very clean and professional. I love it! *drools on keyboard*

    Love your Firefox theme too.

  4. Hello,

    Can you help the Fire (aol, msn, yahoo etc.) team with new icons
    the way you did with Thunderbird???

    They need an update !

  5. I actually started an icon makeover for Fire a while ago, but then I learned that they were making significant changes for the 1.0 release. Which will include a “theme” component. When 1.0 goes final I will probably finish it up and package it in a Fire theme file.

  6. I am eagerly downloading Thunderbird nightlies… but so far no luck of seeing a Horlander piece of art yet…

  7. Hi Kevin & Stephen!

    Thunderbird itself has no toolbar-button “Get & Send” (like OE). So I’ve been creating an extension:


    This Extension uses 4 modified qute-theme related icons. My (and the users) wish is, to have pinstripe related icons, when Thunderbird 0.6 will be released.

    Would it be possible to get a preview of your thunderbird icons by mail-attachment? So I would be able to create the 4 MagicSLR icons. Or would it be possible to get 4 finished icons?

    You should have a look at MagicSLR:

    MagicSLR is (I can only speak for our german users) the most used Thunderbird extension besides the offline extension!

    Alexander Ihrig
    Mozilla Thunderbird DE

  8. Outbox and MagicSLR could use the same Pinstripe Icons. Outbox has only the two buttons “Send later” and “Send all” (or is “Send now”?).

    BTW: The Pinstripe Icons for MagicSLR are only intended for the Mac OS X version!

  9. Longing for pinstriped Thunderbird… some screenshots then, to keep us quiet? Pleeeeze?

  10. Stunningly beautiful work as usual. When the Thunderbird version comes out I might end up switching from Mail like I switched from Safari to Firefox. Like it is now, Thunderbird is just far too ugly for my tastes.

    PS- If you still want to use Thunderbird even before the Pinstripe theme is made available, I suggest using the Smoke theme as it’s the most Mac-like Thunderbird theme availabe right now.

  11. I couldn’t agree more macskee’, except I cannot bare to use Tb with the Smoke theme, knowing that this is coming along. And cannot say that Stephen’s smilies help very much. 😉

  12. Why, oh why, there is no response on my question? We / I’ve to accept it, if Kevin is not interested in supporting extension developers. But why there is NO answer???

  13. Alexander, I’m sorry that I haven’t gotten back to you sooner, but we have limited free time and I have to focus right now on completing the theme and landing it in Thunderbird.

    An idea I have for the future to support extension authors is to provide a sort of “Pinstripe icon kit” which would contain detailed descriptions of how to achieve the Pinstripe style along with some Photoshop examples.

    Please email me after Pinstripe has landed in Thunderbird and then I will consider your request for icons. Thanks.

  14. We’re still waiting for the Mac OS X version. And even then… it uses Mac specific ingredients, which cannot be used freely.

  15. Here’s a small update: Pinstripe Thunderbird is “done” but waiting on a code review before it can be checked in to the Mozilla source tree.

    Also, Pinstripe is open source. The CSS code and images will be available when we release. You can use the code and images in any way you like provided it is in the bounds of the Mozilla MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license.

  16. “And even then… it uses Mac specific ingredients, which cannot be used freely.”
    i don’t think so 🙂

  17. Would you mind posting what the finished work looks like? Please? Pretty please, with nutra sweet on top? 🙂

  18. Beyond my expectations! Awsome. This is the best looking skin ever made for the moz project.
    Can’t wait, already checking out nightly builds every day… Direct Linky to the screenshot.

  19. Agreed. I just switched to Thunderbird but will feel more comfortable with it once this theme is out to make it look more Mac-like. 🙂

  20. So *when* do we get this for XP? Share the love!

    Seriously, something this nice should be the default for the apps in general. Not a big fan of the current Windows default themes. Using LeBreeze for Firefox and Thunderbird currently.

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