Replacement Icons for the Pinstripe Theme

I’m considering replacing the current Pinstripe icons with the ones below. Take a look and leave a comment with your thoughts [popup window].

I’ve tried to create a set of simply shaped icons that don’t get in the way too much. I’m not totally happy with the current Pinstripe icons but they represent the best that I could do with my limited Photoshop skill.

Yes these icons are bigger than the set in Pinstripe now, but they are standard Aqua size, and I’ll probably have an option to select smaller ones in the theme. Constructive criticism is welcome!

P.S. I haven’t come up with icons in this style for Mail or Composer yet. If anyone out there would like to help out, please drop me an email.

28 thoughts on “Replacement Icons for the Pinstripe Theme”

  1. I don’t like them nearly as much. I particularly dislike the new “reload” as it is missing the character of the old; and the triangles just don’t cut it for me. Please don’t mess with a (very) good thing.



  2. i prefer the current ones as well… I’m using the graphite skin and the icons (particularly back/fwd) do a much better job of staying in the background visually… the new ones, not just due to the larger size, just feel too dense and obtrusive.

    just my 2¢

  3. True, the new icons have sharper lines and a bit more contrast – but I’ve tried to match the contrast closely with the other Aqua widgets. I was thinking this would be a good thing to make the icons easier targets. To get a better idea of how the icons blend with the other chrome, here’s a small shot of Camino with the new icons.

  4. Chalk up another vote for the current icons. The new ones are nice, but they seem a bit too blocky for my tastes.

  5. I don’t think they’re all that bad. I actually kinds like the new reload icon, but i really don’t like the forward/back buttons. Overall, not too bad.

  6. Do you have any plans to make more “Aqua-like” mail icons? Or Are you planning to keep the stop and the junk mail the only alterred ones?



  7. I have a few attempts at email icons but none that I’m happy with yet. I takes a long time for me to produce good icon art because I’m not that great with Photoshop. Also for the past month or so I’ve been using Chimera/Camino instead of Mozilla, so I haven’t done much with Pinstripe recently. I’ll probably pick it up again soon.

  8. I’m another vote for the old icons, especially the old reload icon. It’s just really nice. The only one of the old icons that is even an issue is the stop, which looks more like a sphere than an octagon, especially when greyed out.

  9. Thanks for the feedback all. After taking a fresh look at these icons you are right, they probably aren’t good enough to replace the ones in Pinstripe. I’m going to try to come up with a version of the current icons only more sharp and polished. I’ll post the new ones for comment before I make any change.

  10. I prefer the old ones as well. Smaller and a little bit more professional looking.

    Does Pinstripe work with Netscape 7.02 at all?


  11. I vote for the new icons. The old reload icon is kind of messy, the two curved arrows are too close together and look like a single unrecognizable shape to me. The new reload is very clear.

  12. Good point stinky. I’m going to try to create a smoother version of the current reload button – one that looks better at low resolutions.

  13. Cool, do it, they look great! But if you make them a bit glassier depthwise that would improve them even more.

  14. I like the old icons. They seem to have more character. I also agree with the point about making them glassier; that would seem to fit in more with Aqua overall.

  15. I like the new forward and back buttons, but the old reload button.

    Why? Bigger targets are easier to hit when mousing.

    I still can’t deal with a blue stop sign – I know it matches, but there’s a half century of international tradition around the color a stop sign should be, and Aqua isn’t important enough to lose the power of that metaphor.

  16. Another vote for current. Though perhaps they could be updated a bit to look a bit more like the ‘plasticky’ Jaguar buttons.

  17. I love these new icons. Ever thought of putting them to use as a camino icon theme? Excellent work.

  18. I dislike the blackened border around the new icons, but I like them overall. I like the reload icon more and the forward / back icons less…the current reload icon looks a little too much like IE for me.

    Have you thought of chevrons for the forward / back buttons?

  19. Nice. It looks more beefy than the old icon set as well. One thing: could you do a non-striped version? I am using the SmoothStripes theme and Mozilla kind of sticks out right now.



  20. I like the new icons better, overall. The old ones are too small, and could use some more detail; especially the current stop icon, which does look like a sphere. I like the current reload button, although the new one isn’t bad either. My suggestion would be to polish and enlarge the current icon set.

  21. lol, after reading my last post, I realised that I started with a completely different opinion than I ended with. Let me clarify– I think that as it stands now, the new icons are an improvement, but if you were to polish and enlarge the current icon set, there would probably be even more of an improvement.

  22. Good thought Henry. The thing is I created the current icon set at the resolution you see in Pinstripe. I didn’t work big then scale down, so when I try to enlarge the icons a bit they look muddy even with tweaking. If someone would like to give a go at enlarging the icons a little and possibly sharpening them, I would be grateful!

  23. The new (proposed) themes icons look great. The new icons look better, thats just my opinion. Thanks for providing the exclusive mozilla theme for us mac users.

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