Mozilla Firebird becomes 'official' on OS X

The first “official” builds of Mozilla Firebird for Mac OS X have appeared on’s site. I’m taking down my experimental build because it’s no longer necessary. Mac Firebird needs some love to come up to the level of quality that we expect from a Mozilla product. So I encourage you to download an official build and file bugs in Bugzilla. In answer to some folks questions, yes I will eventually rewrite the the Pinstripe theme to work on the Mozilla app suite and Mozilla Firebird.

7 thoughts on “Mozilla Firebird becomes 'official' on OS X”

  1. You did a great job with your pheonix build, and I look forward to your new pinstripe theme… it really makes Mozilla on OS X feel like it belongs.

    The problem with the official firebird release is that it doesn’t follow OS X interface guidelines, I’m also not a huge fan of the icon. I hope you are able to persuade the Mozilla team to adopt your theme for 1.5- it would be a shame to see such a milestone with such little support for some very basic things in OS X.

  2. I can’t tell it apart in my dock from plain old Mozilla. Now I have two Phoenix versions, yours and the official one. Not sure on the interface as I have my OS X skinned and the browser sortof fits but it needs better icons. So does Camino for that matter. Still trying out the official one.

  3. I hope to see mail icons at some point too – the standard icons stick out like a sore thumb with the elegant pinstripe theme. 🙂

  4. Boy, now that there are official Firebird builds, I really, really hope that you get a Pinstripe theme out soon. I feel like I’m running a Windows XP program on my Mac, which is a bit discombobulating.

    Any news?

  5. I have started bringing Pinstripe to Firebird, though I just got back from a trip to Virginia and haven’t had much free time lately. I hope to do some work on it next weekend.

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