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The Mac Firebird theme is still not compatible with Tabbrowser Extentions. I’ve contacted the TBE author about compatibility but have not received a reply. If any of you would like to let the author know that you’d like TBE to work with Mac Firebird, you can post here: http://white.sakura.ne.jp/~piro/xul/forum/

Update January 23: Apparently there is a patch on Piro’s site that makes TBE work with Mac Firebird. I can’t confirm this and I probably won’t have time to test it this weekend. I’d be grateful if someone could download the patch, try it out and write out simple instructions that I can post here. Thanks!

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  1. Good idea.

    But I would better love to see a new pinstripe version for the full mozilla suite. I still use the suite instead of Thunderbird/Firebird and I would love to see pinestripe comming for this version soo.

    Please work on a new pinstripe version for mozilla 1.5+ because this stops me from using any newer version 🙁


  2. I second the request for an updated pinstipe theme for Mozilla 1.5., preferably more like the Firebbird on with the new icons too!



  3. Does that mean we can find a 1.5-compatible version in a few weeks? Firebird looks great, but still lacks some important features that the full suite has (like form completion)…

  4. TBE? No, thanks. However, I would love to see MultiZilla support for the birds, because that is my number one, always loved it.

    TBE is just a clone of MultiZilla 😉

  5. To be perfectly frank, the lack of Pinstripe for Moz 1.5+ is what stopped me from using it as well. It’s just too un-Mac-like for me to use now.

  6. There are numerous requests on the Tabbrowser Extensions site asking for compatibility. It’s still not there. Tried it yesterday. Indeed doesn’t work (“No XBL binding for browser”). I’m going nuts with all the extra windows I’m getting! I want tabs!

  7. Moz 1.6 now and I am still on a 1.5 alpha as I can’t bear Moz on OS X without pinstripe. Whilst the latest pinstripe incarnation with firebird rocks – its the moz suite I use. Just a fix to the old-school pinstripe I’m still using would be great – it would at least let me in on moz 1.6!

  8. Piro just published a patch for OS X and TBE, available just under “Downloads”. I can’t test it right now (Mac is home), can anyone check and verify?

  9. Doesn’t work on my build (Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X Mach-O; en-US; rv:1.7a) Gecko/20040111 Firebird/0.8.0+).

    After installing TBE and then the patch, I don’t get a browser window at all. A minute or so after requesting a new window an XBL Binding error comes up.

  10. It helps get past the XBL binding error, and you can get a browser window this time, but there are display issues. The active tab displays as a inactive tab (greyed out), and all new tabs open to the right (even after changing the preference).

    Its getting there, but its not compatible yet.

  11. I tried the directions and they got me past the XBL error. Tab placement does look screwed up, but I’m much happier than I was before making the change in chrome.rdf.

    I’m using a nightly firebird build from a couple of weeks ago in Panther FWIW.

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